Strona: Scientific and Research Activity / Department of Humanities

Scientific and Research Activity

Major Areas of Research

 Important areas of research conducted by the Department’s employees include:

  • social movements in Poland in the 20th and 21st century,
  • Poland – history of the nation, state, culture,
  • risk – an attempt at integrating  research prospects,
  • information society in terms of European integration,
  • similarities and differences between  European Union member states and countries aspiring to it,
  • place and role of Poland and the European Union institutions in the pan-European and regional dimension,
  • continuity and change in the Polish society in the 20th century,
  • European information society – historical, political, sociological, psychological and cultural aspects,
  • European identity from a historical, sociological, axiological and cultural  perspective; a search for a common denominator for the needs of the EU constitution,
  • civic activity in Poland and in Europe – historical, political, sociological, psychological and cultural aspects,
  • socio-cultural requirements for  a balanced development,
  • theory of decision, temporal psychology, political psychology, an application of modeling methods and game theory in psychology,
  • human rights, natural laws, business ethics, ethics in management and engineering, ethical codes,
  • socio-cultural aspects of security.