Strona: Centre for Post-Graduate Studies / Department of Humanities

Centre for Post-Graduate Studies

Centre for Post-Graduate Studies was founded as a part of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences on December 1, 2008. Its establishment is based on the accomplishments and experience in the field of Pedagogical Studies, which has functioned at the Rzeszow University of Technology since the beginning of the 1990s, first within the Interfaculty Institute of Social Sciences and later within the Institute of Continuous Education (which was part of  the Faculty of Management and Marketing during 2003–2008).
The basic task of the Centre for Post-Graduate Studies is to organise  and conduct  post-graduate  studies, courses and various types of trainings (for all university graduates including those of the Rzeszow University of Technology). The Centre for Post-Graduate Studies offers almost 20 post-graduate majors and a couple of types of courses and trainings. More than 4800 graduates has acquired post-graduate certificates of completion during the 20 years of  the Faculty’s existence.
Since October 2010 the office of the Centre for Post-Graduate  Studies was relocated to the building “S”, where all offices of the Dean of Faculty of Management are located.

Head– Prof. Grzegorz Ostasz, DSc, PhD

Administrative Staff:

  • Lidia Korzeniowska, MSc

room: S.135
phone: 17 865 1320

For graduates who wish to continue their education the following post-graduate studies are available*:

  • Business in the digital economy
  • Cyber security and protection of information resources
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Risk Manager
  • Modern Public Management
  • Postgraduate management studies
  • Project manager
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Financial management and managerial controlling
  • Human resource management

* number and type of course in a given academic year depend on the number of applicants.